Saturday, February 12, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 02/12/11: DB at Applebee's, Strip Mall Photo Stroll, Dr. Pepper at Dickie Jo's

1.  I went to Applebee's in Springfield for the Springfield Lions Club's Pancake Feed and saw Dale Bachman, the assistant basketball coach for the Kellogg Wildcats my senior year.  It was fun to talk a few times, but we couldn't talk much:  Dale was working his tail off keeping the customers happy, serving sausage, pancakes, juice, water, and coffee.  Dale Bachman has not lost much speed as he's aged.  He was whippin' around Applebee's, doing a great job.

2.  Russell and I had a successful photo outing on the far reaches of 11th Avenue, hanging out around Target and the Liquor Store strip mall.

3.  A pleasant surprise:  Russell really wanted to eat at Dickie Jo's again.  I was into it in a big way and enjoyed my burger and fries and, for some reason, the Dr. Pepper really hit the spot. 

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