Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 06/02/15: Interstate Mulligan, The Blind Can See, Resuming *Donnie Brasco*

1.  The Deke asked me to come up to Greenbelt to let the dogs out and I decided to come up via I-295, which turns into the Baltimore/Washington Parkway.  I got screwed up after I left I-495 and, got so turned around, I ended up back in Alexandria and, to my surprise, Old Town (!).  I got my bearings, though, and, since I got a mulligan, I decided I'd be wise to go the familiar route and traveled back on the Beltway, late, a little embarrassed, but a more learned driver in the area surrounding our Nation's Capital.

2.  Thunderstorms rolled into the the greater Greenbelt suburanolitan area after I got home.  On the radio flash flood warnings went out. I had to get back to the Diaz townhouse to care for the animals. Somewhere between 6 and 7, I rolled onto the Beltway and it was thick with traffic and for about twenty miles, much of it in a downpour, thunder cracking, lightning flashing, I drove at under 35 mph.  But, at around Andrews Air Base, the clouds parted, the traffic thinned out, the lame could walk, and the blind could see again and my drive to Groveton became easy and I felicitously  returned to my sitting duties in Groveton.

3. I settled in, returned to my viewing of Al Pacino and Johnny Depp in the so far bewildering movie Donnie Brasco, fell asleep, and decided I'd finish watching the movie tomorrow, hoping it would begin to really come to something.

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