Saturday, June 20, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 06/19/15: Postponed Outing, Jordan Spieth's Response, A Simple Meal

1.  I had an outing planned to the Brookside Gardens in Wheaton, MD, but as I gathered myself to go, I realized that both of my camera batteries needed charging. I postponed my outing. Instead, I went back to reading articles and commentary related to the killings in Charleston, SC and the story of Rachel Dolezal.

2.  As I was reading away, a text message came to me from Byrdman marveling at Jordan Spieth.  I think Byrdman was marveling at his play at Chambers Bay in the U. S. Open, but now I know how Spieth responded with one of his playing partners, Jason Day, blacked out thanks to vertigo on the players' 18th hole (the course's 9th hole) and Spieth's concern, care for, and protectiveness of his fellow player transcended his marvelous play in Round 2. I'm sure when I return to Kellogg in a couple of weeks, Byrdman and I will have some premium discussion of this dramatic episode.

3. It was a simple request: broccoli, zucchini, and onion served with brown rice. I made a quick trip to the Co-op and the Deke and I agreed:  this simple meal hit the spot.

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