Thursday, June 4, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 06/03/15: Huntley Meadows Photos, Perfect Burger Enchant(ing)ed Foyle

1.  I took a stroll with my camera into the copious beauty of the Huntley Meadows in Groveton, VA and took some pictures.

The first thought that came to mind had to do with Oregon.  When I was an Oregonian, my fellow Oregonians and I marveled at how green the western part of our state is. Today, I once again marveled at how little I knew about how green and lush the land in Virginia (and Maryland) is:

I wished two things after seeing this picture.  One, that I knew what kind of bird this is, and, two, that my Sigma 18-200 had just a bit more reach.  I would have loved to have had a clearer image of this bird's eye.

I love the wetlands at Huntley Meadows, both in color and in black and white:

2.  The first time I went to Five Guys I left having eaten way too much.  The burger was too big.  I went back, forgot about my previous experience, and repeated it, to my discomfort.  I thought I'd never return. Today I returned, I remembered my previous errors, and I got it right. I ordered a Little Burger (just one patty) with ketchup, mustard, pickle, and relish and a little order of fries. Ha! I got it right.  I loved this burger, The Cars played "My Best Friend's Girl" while I enjoyed it and I left the joint satisfied, not uncomfortable.  When I go back someday, I might pass on fries, though.....the burger is plenty.

3.  I returned to the Diaz home, settled in, and decided to watch the first season's first episode of Foyle's War and not only did I find Foyle's old-fashioned detective work impressive and refreshing, there was an added bonus:  I recognized the actor Michael Kitchen from his role nearly twenty-five years ago as the kind, oboe playing villa owner George Briggs in one of my favorite of all pastoral comedies, the movie Enchanted April.  It was sweet and nostalgic remembering back to when I saw that movie at the Bijou and when I showed it to one of my Shakespeare classes to help them understand and more deeply experience the enchantment at work in A Midsummer Night's Dream and As You Like It --ha!  I'm not sure they were as enchanted by the parallels as I was!

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