Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 06/28/15: Eye Opener Cafe Steak and Eggs, Matinee at the Fiddlers' Gathering, Lisa Fixes Heavenly Ribs

1.  I love few things more than an authentic small town diner/cafe, especially for breakfast.  Well, I was one very happy man this morning when Suzy, the Deke, Donna, Lisa, Ted, and Sally and I walked into the Eye Opener Cafe in Battle Ground, Indiana.  I ordered steak and eggs with a side of hash browns and sourdough toast -- AND, I helped Ted eat his bowl of grits. It was a peak experience enjoying this meal.  Here it is:

Steak and Eggs at the Eye Opener Cafe
2.  I attended the entirety of the entirety of the last concert of the Indiana Fiddlers' Gathering this afternoon and listened to some superb string band music and saw some superb clogging.  Here's a list of the bands I got to enjoy:  The Whipstitch Sallies, The Fiddle River String Band, The Battle Ground String Band, and Bahler's "Golden Age" Band.  Superb lineup and exhilarating music.

3.  Wow!  As if Lisa had not fed us superbly enough on Saturday morning, she fixed the Deke and Aunt Suzy and me the best meat falling off the bone tender bbq ribs I've ever eaten along with various bread rolls, green beans and bacon and buttery mashed potatoes.  Absolutely heavenly.

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