Sunday, June 21, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 06/20/15: Takin' Care of Business, Grandpa Ghost Closet, Flashlight Fun

1.  If you'd dropped by our apartment home this morning, you would have found me going through a stack of papers sorting,filing, scanning, recycling, writing a check: in short, takin' care of business.

2. Hiram and Molly attended a party in Del Ray (Alexandria) and so the Deke and I invited David and Olivia over for a sleep over. We have a closet just off our dining area and David and Olivia decided to sit in it and then I acted scared to death when they pushed their fingers and toes under the closet door and this grew into a game called "Ghost in the Closet".  Olivia and David thought of all kinds of ways to scare me, turning their hands into a claw, a spider, a gaping jaw, and other monstrous beings that came out of the closet and both of them perfected ghost noises. I did my best to express my terror and tell them my night was going to be haunted by bad dreams, so they created benevolent creatures, like their fingers became "nice worms", out of concern for my dreams. David was the most concerned with my "terror". Periodically, from inside the ghost closet, he reassured me that "it's just me". This was a great relief to Grandpa.

3.  Olivia couldn't find her stuffed animal, Lenonata, so I handed them flashlights and David and Oliva got a full search and rescue effort underway. Nana (The Deke) didn't have a flashlight, but she found Leonata wrapped in a blanket on the couch. With the search ended, Oliva took some time to use her flashlight to cast her shadow puppets on the wall. David used his flashlight to continue to shine light on things room to room. He didn't need an objective. He just liked shining the light. And looking.

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