Friday, June 12, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 06/11/15: Steamy Walk, Deal Closed, Pictures in *Moonrise Kingdom*

1.  I enjoyed a walk around Greenbelt Lake late this morning in the building humidity of northern Prince George's County.

2.  I met with Dilon at the Marriott Starbucks and we had fun non-business conversation while also closing out a transaction we've been working on, one way or another, since about February.

3.  I watched the 2012 Wes Anderson movie Moonrise Kingdom.  It's a topsy-turvy fantasy movie. It portrays two children in love behaving with maturity and devotion while the adults are often childish, prone to panic tantrums, grudges, and rigidness. All through the movie, one thought consistently popped up:  I would love, with any of my cameras and lenses, to take pictures in the style of Robert Yeoman, the movie's Director of Photography.  My interest in the story of this movie often flagged, but the thrill of the movie's pictures never did, whether the frame featured the two young lovers discussing whether to get married with a champion trampolinist doing awesome acrobatics next to them or featured a far away shot of a mob chasing Sam in a pasture in the mist, just to name a couple. I sometimes think I could enjoy Wes Anderson's movies as silent movies so that almost all my attention would be focused on the movie's beautiful and unusual and often thrilling frame by frame pictures.

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