Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 06/16/15: No Hearburn!, G and T at the Blue M Bar, Cool Pasta Salad

1.  I now have 400 sodium bicarbonate pills to last me for three months as I work to elevate the levels of carbon dioxide in my blood and lower the potassium. There's another upside to this: I guess I'll be living in a constant state of heartburn relief -- before the heartburn has a chance to start burning!

2. The Deke called and said she'd like to go for a drink after work and I really didn't want to get in high volume traffic driving to Hyattsville or Beltsville to Franklin's or Old Line, so I thought...hmmm...that Marriott is really close to our apartment home and it has a hotel bar so let's give it a try.  Aside from being overpriced (oh, well), it was a perfect place to relax and have a gin and tonic. It's quiet, making it easy for the Deke and me to shoot the breeze and we had a long conversation with a J'American (his word) name Ki about everything from what it means to be flawless to how the English language is changing every single day (not everyday).

3. I had the pasta cooked and cooling before I picked up the Deke and when we got home I chopped up the broccoli, red pepper, purple onion, and tomato, mixed it with the pasta, and the Deke made a killer dressing for our delicious and cool pasta salad on another very hot day.

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