Thursday, June 11, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 06/10/15: Peggy to the Rescue, Intro to Wegman's, Eulogy for Dad and Friends the Turnbows

1. I bought groceries at the Co-op.  Peggy was my checker.  I left a bag behind when I left and she grabbed the bag and came outside, tracked me down, and made sure I left with my entire order. Peggy was the checker who reassured me over a month ago that my cart of groceries had to be somewhere in the store when I lost track of it.  She was right.

2. Betsy announced on her Facebook page that the grocer Wegman's was opening a new store in Alexandria. I've been hearing nothing but great things about Wegman's since I moved out here, so I looked up where it is in Alexandria and, lo and behold, there's a Wegman's within about twelve miles or so of us, down in Woodmore Towne Center. I drove there today and after surveying the four or five crowded eateries, the expansive fresh seafood counter, the mammoth produce section, and after walking up and down countless aisles of products, I decided that if the Deke and I wanted to go out on a culinary safari one day south of here, we might go down to Wegman's for a visit. When I told the Deke about Wegman's, I had to be honest and tell her in one section of the store there was a toy train on tracks running overhead, tooting.  Silence.  A few minutes later, the Deke said, "I'm never going to Wegman's."

3.  I spent a good part of the afternoon writing a blog post about friends of ours in Kellogg, the Turnbows, with focus on the historic 1966 NCAA basketball tournament final between Texas Western and Kentucky.  Texas Western was the first team ever to start five black players in an NCAA championship game. All of this led me to think about what I enjoy most about being a man.  If you'd like to read what amounts to a eulogy about my dad, his good friends, why they rooted for Texas Western, and a few of my thoughts about being a man, just click here.

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