Sunday, June 14, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 06/13/15: Spiderman Upside Down, Chef Lou's Desserts, Skooterpalooza

1. The Deke bought David a Spiderman figure and David slept with his Spiderman last night.  When David woke up this morning, the first words out of his mouth were that Spiderman "fell off my bed and was upside down on the floor."

2.  Before returning to the Beltway today, about 12:30, to drive down to Ft. Washington, I made my first ever visit to Chef Lou's Desserts and hoped I could get a box of brownies to take to Skooterpalooza. When you walk into Chef Lou's dessert shop, there's only room for about two people to stand in front of his dessert case. Chef Lou greeted me with "I'm just now getting my case set up." He was way behind for the day because he freshly baked a cake earlier in the morning for a Saturday wedding. I asked him about getting 10-12 brownies, he checked his fridge, said yes, but he'd need some time to cut them up and frost them. That was no problem for me, I took a walk, came back, he got tied up with a couple and a baby ordering little bowls of ice cream, but, before long, he had the brownies, cut, frosted, packed in a box, and he sold them to me for a little less than the posted price. The brownies were gorgeous, moist, super chocolate-y and fudge-y, and were a perfect contribution to the party. I'll be heading back to Chef Lou's tiny shop any time I might want cupcakes, pie, brownies, or other sweets for any occasion.

3. Skooterpalooza:  A party to get a handful of Facebook followers of Rick Wainright's together. On Facebook, Rick's dog Skooter is a legend. So attendees (Friends of Rick) got to meet Skooter and see him in action, as well as enjoy a relaxed and delicious afternoon together. I arrived way early for Skooterpalooza. Rick and the party's host, Lorna, were out picking up ribs and crabs, but Lorna's Italian nanny, Sara, and her friend visiting from Italy, were at the house and we visited for a good spell until Rick and Lorna returned. Soon, other guests arrived, a lot of fun yakking got underway, and we all dug into a generous feast of crab, ribs, and plentiful and delicious side dishes.  In case you are reading this and don't recognize the name Rick Wainright, we were great friends in our teenage years and go back together even farther than that to when Rick was in Mom's second grade class at Silver King Elementary in about 1958-59.

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