Sunday, June 7, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 06/06/15: Tiger Talk, Old Line and Jailbreak and Burger, Glad Bags

1.  Russell and Rick and I took some time out of our busy, busy lives to do a little online armchair analysis of the demise of Tiger Woods. Really, it was like the good old days when I'd sit around and dig into the demise of characters from some of Shakespeare's plays, with the difference being that Tiger Woods' demise isn't (to the best of my knowledge) following a playwright's script and no denouement is in sight.  (By the way, I see his downfall rooted in arrested development and I never admired his father and how he raised his son. In the long run, I think his domineering ways stunted Tiger Woods and left him scarred.)

2. The Deke brought the Diaz-mobile back to Groveton and we hopped in the Subaru and decided to drive the magical suburb of Beltsville for a beer and burger at the Old Line Bistro.  I enjoyed my burger crusted with black pepper and topped with crumbled bleu cheese. Although it was a little malty for what I like most in a beer, the deeper I got into my pint of Jailbreak Infinite Amber Ale, the more I enjoyed it.  I ordered it because I wanted to try a beer from Jailbreak, a brewery located in nearby Laurel, MD.

3.  After a week of house and pet sitting, it felt comfortable to be back in our apartment home, sitting in the chair I'm used to, assessing our food and coffee supply, and, of course, making a trip down to the Co-op to pick up some things.  The highlight? I deliberately, and with careful scanning of the shelves, found a box of Glad kitchen garbage bags with NO ODOR SHIELD.  I can't stand the odor blocking kitchen garbage bags. With our apartment's rubbish room just up the stairs, like forty seconds away, I can get any stinky garbage out of here quickly, making the lingering chemical fake fruit Febreze-y smell of odor blocking bags totally unnecessary.

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