Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 06/22/15: Marie Was Patient, Computer Delivery, Lazy Night

1. I needed to drink some water before my monthly blood draw this morning. Marie was very patient with my veins and slowly but surely drew a sample out of my slightly dehydrated veins. This has never happened before, but usually I drink water before going, so I'll remember to hydrate before my blood draw in the future.

2. It's often good I'm home during the day:  the Deke left her school computer behind this morning and I was home to make the delivery.

3. We were lazy tonight.  Maybe it's the heat.  Maybe it's my nature.  I don't know. The result?  We settled for cheese and crackers and popcorn as our nourishment this evening. Hiram and Molly bought us some Fresh Squeezed IPA (my favorite, I think) in Virginia -- it's not available yet in MD) and I enjoyed a bottle with some stout cheddar cheese and saltines before diving into the popcorn.

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