Monday, June 22, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 06/21/15: Honoring and Remembering Dad, U. S. Open Golf, Stay at Home Salad

1.For Father's Day, Christy and I both posted pictures on Facebook to remember Dad by. I posted one of me apparently taking a swig of Oly as a way of hoisting a cold one in memory of Dad. Christy posted one of Dad about to go to an American Legion baseball game as one of the Kellogg team's coaches and one of Dad, me, and a box of good old Lucky Lager beer.  Here they are:

2.  When Dad was alive, we either watched the final round of the U. S. Open golf championship together or talked about it on the telephone, when we could. Today, I remembered doing this as I went online and watched several hours of the U. S. Open.  The Fox network's online live coverage ended about an hour or so before the tournament did. Go figure. So, I had to imagine the riveting final hour or so of the tournament by reading Twitter tweets. Fox's online broadcast was crappy to begin with, but to have it just end with so much golf to be played bewildered me and struck me as bizarre.

3. It's hot and humid here in Greenbelt, especially with all the moisture in the ground after last night's series of thunder storms, so I stayed indoors and did one of my favorite things:  make dinner with whatever is on hand.  I cooked up chickpeas, drained them, and combined them with leftover brown rice. Ah! We had a package of cherry tomatoes, a bunch of mint, cilantro, a head of garlic, olive oil, red wine vinegar, a tin of almonds, lemon juice, black pepper.  All of these things mixed together in a big bowl resulted in a great meal that kept me inside and made the Deke and me very happy.

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