Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 06/27/15: Breakfast at Lisa and Donna's, Beer Tasting, Indiana Fiddlers' Gathering

1. So all the cousins and their spouses and Aunt Suzy and the Deke and I drove up to Suzy's daughter's house with the huge screened in porch in back and I met Aunt Suzy's daughter Lisa and her partner Donna and we dove into the most extravagant Indiana breakfast I had ever laid eyes on:  plain pancakes, pecan pancakes, blueberry pancakes, tons of bacon, biscuits, sausage gravy, white gravy, grits, watermelon, a separate bowl of mixed fruit, scrambled eggs, coffee peculated on the store, orange juice, and maybe there was more. Honestly, I could have sat at Lisa's and Donna's on their screened in porch and eaten this food for the rest of the weekend.

Lisa and Donna's Screened In Porch 

Lisa and Donna's Screened In Porch 

The Deke's Aunt Suzy and Lisa's Dog Named Alice

Aunt Suzy

Family Reunion for the Deke

The Deke and Aunt Suzy Surrounded by The Deke's Cousins and Brother Brian

2. Debbie's brother, Brian, and his daughters Allison and Danielle arrived at Lisa and Donna's and they brought an ice cooler bag with them crammed with premium beer from Greenbush Brewing in Sawyer, MI and Burn 'Em Brewing in Michigan City, IN.  A beer tasting party got underway at Lisa and Donna's and shifted into high gear back at Aunt Suzy's.  From Burn 'Em, Brian brought us cans of Creamed Corn Cream Ale.  It was refreshing and popular among family members.  He brought a growler of Distorter Porter and another of Juice Box Hero Citrus Ale and two howlers Atomic TaunTaun Overdrive Strawberry Habanero Ale from Greenbush.  OH MY!

3.  The rains cleared. The music was on and,with several members of the Deke's extended family, I sat under a huge leafy tree in a lawn chair in the park and listened to some marvelous music played by these ensembles:  Solas, The Barefoot Movement, Red Tail Ring, The Whipstitch Sallies.  Earlier in the day, I sat of a flat surfaced stump and listened to circles of stringed instrument players play in impromptu groups together.  It was all awesome.

Fiddle Gathering Vendor

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