Saturday, June 13, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 06/12/15: Video Village, Rick and Skooter, Grandpa Popcorn

1. In its brand newness and perfectly laid out streets and style of buildings and store signs and stuff, when I drove into National Harbor, MD, I thought I had entered the world of Monty Hall's game show, Video Village.

2. I was in National Harbor to have lunch with Rick Wainright and to meet, after lunch, his intrepid beagle, Skooter. Rick and I have known each other for over fifty years and it was a lot of fun to shoot the breeze again over a meal and then to head over to a dog park in Alexandria so Skooter could stretch his legs.  On Saturday, Rick's hosts in Ft. Washington, MD are hosting a party, known as Skooterpalooza, bringing together people in the area who hang out and make wise cracks on Rick's Facebook page.  I look forward to a really good time.

3. I got to play the role of Grandpa Popcorn this evening.  David and Olivia were spending the night and got to eat popcorn while watching a movie together before going to bed. Grandpa Popcorn is a pretty good role to play.

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