Sunday, September 4, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 09/03/16: Stocking Up at Costco, Shakshuka Coming, Reindeer Heart Tacos

1.  I worked today to replenish our food supplies since returning to Maryland on the 22nd of August starting with a trip to Costco. We now have cans of tomatoes, a good store of pasta, miniature containers of guacamole and hummus for the Deke to take to work, feta cheese, Kalamata olives, and other things.

2. I was going to finish my Saturday shopping spree at Weis grocery out near Laurel. I go here because of a tip Phil gave me several months ago about them carrying 12-packs of Polar seltzer water. To my dismay, when I arrived at Weis, a sign was posted that the Weis company would soon be shuttering this location. I walked the aisles for a while, sad to see so many empty shelves, but I did find a couple of boxes of Polar water, purchased them, and made my first trip to MOM's Organic in College Park in several months and bought the rest of the groceries I had listed. I'm poised now to fix Sunday night dinner for the Deke, Molly, Hiram, and me: I'm going to make shakshuka for the first time and I"m also going to put together a Greek pasta salad to have on hand.

3. When I got back to our apartment home after a splendid ribs and mashed potato dinner at the Diazes, I watched an episode of Eat the World with Emeril Lagasse.  This episode took place in Sweden and featured New Nordic cuisine. It was fascinating, especially his visit to Niklas Ekstedt's restaurant (called Ekstedt) where he cooks gourmet New Nordic dishes with no electricity, only the open flames of wood-fueled fires.  He jokingly referred to it as Game of Thrones cooking. Emeril Lagasse was especially impressed with the smoky gameyness, burst of tart lingonberry, and the crunchy texture of the fried moss in one of Ekstedt's signature dishes: reindeer heart tacos.

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