Friday, September 16, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 09/15/16: Patapsco Trail Fail, Afternoon Delight, Another Great Molly Dinner

1.  I got myself organized with water bottle and camera and leapt into the Sube and thundered up the Baltimore/Washington Parkway to I-195 and headed west to soon enter Patapsco River Valley State Park to possibly take some pictures and definitely do some walking. I had a funny time.  I went to the Avalon area. The Visitors' Center was closed. I walked north, south, east, and west and all points in between looking for a trail head.  Any trail head. I failed.  I misread maps and I needed directional signs that didn't exist. Oh -- I got a good walk in.  And the woods and river and picnic shelters and historical markers are all great -- but I'm going to go back soon and I'm determined to find a trail head. Any trail head.

2. Those pictures I took back on July 3rd of Brian, Ben, and Bill on a beach on Lake Michigan -- the ones I posted on this blog a few days ago? I decided to have 8 X 10 inch prints made of them along with a couple scenic photos and after I picked them up at Costco I went next door to the Old Line Bistro and enjoyed a mid-afternoon margarita with some truffle fries, thought more about my failures, about maps and trail heads in the Patapsco River Valley State Park, any trail head, and seized the opportunity to enjoy a half pint of RAR's gorgeous Nanticoke Nectar IPA.

3.  Last night, as we were leaving the Diazes, Molly invited us to return Thursday for dinner. She had already planned to make tomato soup and spinach salad. What she didn't tell us was that she was also going to make these tasty rye crisp cheese melt delicacies.  But, she did. What a refreshing, satisfying, and even fortifying meal. People at the table thought it was funny that I couldn't find a trail head at Patapsco River Valley State Park. Any trail head.

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