Saturday, September 17, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 09/16/16: Mom Update, Getting My Life in (Some) Order, Dinner with Gwen

1.  Mom is under the care of a Physician's Assistant, Larry Keyser. He is patient, knowledgeable, and explains things clearly and fully. Mom saw Larry today and Christy took notes and I was very happy to read Christy's report.  Yes, Mom's heart is diseased, underperforming, and, yes, she is in atrium fibrillation. Still, her blood work looked good, the tests she's taken looked good, and Larry was pleased with her overall condition, given her age and her heart problems. Christy has seen improvement in Mom's energy level and alertness. I was seeing this, too, toward the end of my stay in Kellogg over the summer. I thought Mom showed signs of improvement when Larry, and then her cardiologist, adjusted her medications that helped her blood pressure come up and her pulse rate slow down.  Christy hopes she can take Mom on some short walks, using her walker.  This would be in keeping with the medical people's consistent concern that Mom get a bit more exercise.  It seems the efforts over the last several months to treat Mom's congestive heart failure are becoming more sure -- less of the inevitable trial and error -- and she is experiencing the benefits of her therapy becoming more clearly defined. Thank goodness Christy and Carol are on hand to provide Mom with so much support.

2.  I spent a lot of time today filling in gaps in my contact lists on my electronic devices and continuing to delete the names of and information about LCC students still in my contact lists. I learned more about working with google docs.  I made sure I have everything in order for my blood work appointments on Tuesday and again on the 27th. I see my kidney doctor on the 27th and go to a conference on transplantation on October 8th. I read up on the Maryland Kidney Program to understand better what assistance this program offers Maryland citizens who are on dialysis and who have transplants. I suppose it was kind of dumb to stay indoors working on all of this when the weather outside was so moderate, but my life feels less disordered and today inspired me to get going, in the near future, on a filing project I've been thinking about but haven't yet started.

3.  Many years ago, the Deke's father remarried and suddenly the Deke had seven new step-siblings. This evening, one of the Deke's stepsisters, Gwen, arrived in the greater Greenbelt-Beltsville area and she and Molly and the Deke and I met for dinner at the Old Line Bistro and had a splendid time sampling beers, enjoying our food, and yakking up a storm.  It was really fun to spend time with Gwen and doubly fun that Molly was able to join us.

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