Monday, September 12, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 09/11/16: Sib Photo Assignment Posted, Uncluttering Pinterest, Leah and 3BTs BONUS: More Pictures

1.  I'm still getting myself settled in here in Maryland after being away for two months.  Today, I returned to photo editing -- and I still have more to do and more cataloging -- and this felt really good. To complete a Sibling Photo Assignment, I posted a series of pictures from my Saturday visit to the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens, here, illustrating the arrival of the end of summer. Scroll down and you can see some of the pictures I didn't use in fulfilling the assignment.

2. I completed another project today: over at Pinterest, I had one board that was growing more unwieldly by the day called "Recipes". Now I have several recipe boards, organized under headings like Eggplant, Soups and Stews, Breakfast, and several others.

3.  This evening, Leah and I had a brief messaging session trying to remember what year she took the Working Class Literature/WR 123 course from Margaret and me. Leah and I have not had much direct contact over the last several years, but we have been friends on Facebook and I always read enjoy what she posts, knowing some of what's happening in her life, and enjoy her pictures. In the past week, Leah has decided to post Three Beautiful Things each day on her Facebook page. She told me it was a daily emotional/spiritual vitamin.  We wrote back and forth a bit about this, a very enjoyable exchange, and a reminder of how much I enjoyed working with Leah at LCC and chatting with her occasionally in my office. I'm eager to read her 3BTs and, if we decide to, to continue discussing our experience with this daily exercise.

Pictures that I took Saturday, but did not post in the photo assignment:

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