Thursday, September 15, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 09/14/16: Baltimore Podcasts, Waiting for the Doctor, Dancing in Coats and Slippers

1. Thanks to listening to an episode of the podcast, Sporkful, featuring NY food writer Ed Levine, about the psychology of long lines and interviews with customers in a long line in suffocating humidity in Brooklyn at the famous pizza joint, Di Fara's, I then discovered Ed Levine's podcast, Special Sauce. Upon browsing the episode list, I saw that on consecutive weeks Ed Levine interviewed Baltimore detective fiction writer Laura Lippman and her husband, writer and co-creator of The Wire, David Simon.  My hope was to learn more about places to eat in Baltimore and Laura Lippman was especially forthcoming, especially about spots in and near the Federal Hill-Montgomery neighborhood, south of Downtown, where she lives.

2.  The Deke and I roared in the Sube up to the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center in Baltimore and the Deke told her surgeon how beautifully she has recovered from her surgery.  The doctor was had been called away to something in the afternoon and we didn't see her until close to five thirty, two hours late. The Deke graded papers. She knit. I listened to a podcast at The Big Listen and I went to Kindle and downloaded a sample (the first two chapters) from Baltimore Blues, Laura Lippman's first in her series of Tess Monaghan books.  I enjoyed those chapters a lot. The Deke and I made the most of having a lot of time on our hands in a hospital setting.

3.  We had dinner at the Diazes -- we just missed seeing Hiram's dad who'd been to D. C. on business.  When we arrived, a package sat on the porch. The Deke brought it in and before long Olivia, David, and Ana were whirling and dancing and laughing with joy, trying on their new winter coats the Deke ordered for them and enthusiastically approving.  They also loved their slippers -- which became dance shoes.

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