Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 09/19/16: Packed Pool, Crash and Burn, Simple Sauce

1.  Exercising seniors packed the pool today for the water aerobics class.  I think our instructor wanted to find out who was really into it and she worked us out a little harder than usual and I enjoyed it.

2.  I spent a few hours this afternoon grocery shopping at MOM's, Costco, and the Co-op. While at Costco, I listened to a podcast episode of Snap Judgment called "Crash and Burn" and now when I shop at Costco, I'll always think of a group of rock climbers discovering a wrecked airplane filled with pot, an artist who went on a one night cocaine and scotch bender, eventually flipping his SUV upside down in Hollywood, CA, and a Lehman Brothers stock trader who flipped out one day on the floor and after a visit to a psychiatric ward, left his lucrative job.

3.  It's a simple recipe: for about 45 minutes, simmer 28 oz. of canned tomatoes with two halves of an onion and five tablespoons of butter. Ladle some over the pasta of your choice.  The Deke added red pepper flakes to hers. We both sprinkled Parmesan cheese over ours. It's called "Marcella Hazan's Tomato Sauce". Vickie recommended it. We thoroughly enjoyed it. You can read a little more about it and look over the recipe, here.

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