Thursday, September 29, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 09/28/16: Editing My 2002 Self, Black Beans and Rice, Mental Clouds Lift

1.  As I composed different drafts of the Welcome/Opening Words and Charge to the Couple in preparation for officiating Scott and Cate's wedding, I had to remind myself time and time again that a wedding is not a classroom.  So I had to either rewrite or delete delete delete stuff that sounded good to my, say, 2002 self, but is stuffy in the context of a wedding ceremony.  The best news? I'm not working on this at the last minute!

2.  I was happy to comply with the Deke's request for black beans and rice for dinner.  It meant pulling up the vinegary, brown sugary, spicy recipe that is one of our favorites and enjoying a simple and very tasty meal.  Have I ever posted this recipe?  Hmmm.  Couldn't hurt to do it again -- it's here. (By the way, we used basmati, not brown rice, tonight -- worked fine.)

3.  To me, angst is a feeling of dread or anxiety unrelated to anything specific. It's like having low lying dark clouds hovering over my mental landscape and when these clouds roll in, I try to stay quiet, am grateful for time alone, and find working in the kitchen is a constructive response to the ache I feel throughout myself. Today those clouds started to lift, to clear out, much to my relief. It's been an episode of low level angst, but even low level angst results in distrust and saying things I regret.  That's why I try to remain as quiet as possible. I'll switch metaphors. It's like having a brief bout of the flu, only mental.

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