Sunday, September 18, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 09/17/16: November Travel Plans, Talk with Mom, Greek Roasted Chicken

1.  I try to travel to Kellogg at least two times a year to see Mom and Christy and Carol. If I go out in November, I can join my friends for our annual Veteran's Day visit to the Wild Horse Casino in Pendleton, celebrate Thanksgiving with my Kellogg family, and help Mom start to get her house decorated for Christmas.  Today I purchased a flight to Spokane and will arrive in the great Inland Pacific Northwest on November 10. My only disappointment is that this year my November trip will not include a jaunt to Eugene and Portland.

2.  After I booked my flight, I called Mom, not only to tell her my plans, but I wanted her to tell me about her visit to Larry Keyser, P. A., on Friday. She and Christy definitely heard the same information from Larry and Mom seemed especially pleased that Larry had said that Mom, who is 86, had lab results that looked like a 60 year old!

3. The Deke spent the day with her stepsister, Gwen, and then the three of us met in Colesville at the Greek Village restaurant for a couple hours of conversation and story telling. I ordered a roasted half chicken with Greek potatoes and thought that if I were to ever roast a chicken just the way I want it, it would taste like this one and have the same level of moistness and tenderness.

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