Sunday, September 11, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 09/10/16: Molly's Wedding, Life and Death at the Aquatic Gardens, Jeff on Dead Air

1. My niece, Molly, married Travis today in a ceremony held in Carol and Paul's back yard.  The Deke and I couldn't make it to the wedding, but Christy reported how much fun the wedding and reception were with pictures on Facebook and a text message reporting that Mom did great and had a very good afternoon.

2.  I don't have my pictures ready to show just yet, but today I drove down to the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens, curious if maybe some lotus and lilies were still in bloom.  August is the peak month for these flowers, and, indeed, many of them had run the course of their summer life, but a few blossoms were still hanging on and it was enjoyable to stroll around and see the blooming and the decline side by side, to observe the life and death cycle.  Even though I went down at around 10 a.m., after about a half an hour of walking around, the heat and humidity were intensifying so much that I cut my visit short, hoping to return soon once this latest local heat wave cools off a bit.

3. The Deke is staying at the Diazes this weekend while they are in Pittsburgh and she and I met up at Quench for some excellent conversation and I delighted in drinking a couple glasses of Troegs mighty Imperial IPA, Nimble Giant. Then I went to Old Line for a glass of Flying Dog's Imperial IPA, The Truth, and a fried egg burger.  I got back home and it struck me that it was time for Dead Air on KLCC in Eugene. I have KLCC set up to play on my radio app on both my devices and, as I got ready to tap on KLCC,  I had another thought -- how about if Jeff Harrison is subbing for Downtown Deb on Dead Air tonight? Wouldn't it be fun to hear Jeff?  It was my lucky evening.  Jeff was hosting last night and I got to hear some excellent Grateful Dead tunes, some Zero, and then, since he was also subbing for Pete LaVelle on The Back Porch, just before I fell asleep at midnight I got to hear some Jerry Garcia and David Grisman stuff.

As I took the buds out of my ears, I suddenly realized that it was thirty years ago this month that I was sitting in my office at the U of Oregon and Jeff came by, introduced himself as a new graduate student, and told me he was looking for a job as a paper and exam grader, having heard I was teaching a section of Survey of British Literature.  We agreed to work together and our friendship got underway.

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