Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Three Beautful Things 04/03/17: Oil Change, Business Select, Packed

1. I probably could have waited until my return from Kellogg next week to get the oil changed in the Sube, but I decided to get it done a couple hundred miles early today. If the mechanics saw any problems that needed their attention, I wanted to have them taken care of before leaving for Kellogg Tuesday afternoon. There were none.

2.  Because I bought my airline ticket to Spokane so late -- Sunday evening, in fact -- the only tickets left on Southwest were Business Select. Today, when I checked in, I forgot I was flying Business Select so I had the fun experience of learning that I will be the second person to board the flight in Baltimore and the first in Denver -- you know, after the people who have early seating privileges. I've never had this experience. At least I know I'll sit on the aisle! I also get a complimentary adult beverage and that's such a unique experience that I've been contemplating for hours what I will order.  On the return flight from Spokane, I return to reality and have less expensive ticket.

3.  I won't be leaving our apartment home until in the afternoon on Tuesday, but I enjoy packing early for a trip and I'll double check my bag and satchel as Tuesday rolls along, but I'm pretty much ready to walk out the door.

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