Thursday, April 6, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 04/05/17: Morning with Mom, The Essentials, Dinner and a Couple Drinks with Ed

1. Normally, Carol comes over in the morning to help Mom get situated for the day, but she was in Boise today for work, so I sprang into action at 7:30 this morning, more refreshed after about 5 1/2 hours of sleep than I thought I'd be, and prepared Mom some breakfast, tidied up her bedroom, got some things straight with Mom's pills, helped Mom put on her compression socks, washed and dried a load of laundry, and did whatever other small thing Mom requested.

2. Later, I ventured out to Walmart to buy some T-shirts -- even though I enjoyed packing a day early, I didn't put everything in the suitcase, and I know just how my oversight happened. I also bought some items for Mom. And guess who else was shopping at Walmart? Christy! Ha! We talked for a while, saw longtime family friend, Bev Danielson, and I finished shopping and headed to Yoke's to get the essential creature comforts I want: coffee, whole milk, and a six pack of Sierra Nevada Torpedo (by the way, Yoke's beer curator does a first-rate job. Many superb beers are always available).  Then, I thought, why don't I check out the liquor store? See if there's a bottle of rye I might like to have around -- and there was! It's an Idaho whiskey, something I've never tried. I purchased a bottle of Seven Devils Rye Whiskey from Koenig Distillery of Caldwell, Idaho.  Read more about them right here.

3. I told Christy and Carol that I would cook every dinner while I'm here.  I found a pound of ground beef in the freezer and wanted to use up some of Mom's potatoes. I found a recipe for potatoes au gratin with ground beef and I had a lot fun making it and it turned out really good, as did the fresh asparagus I skillet fried and the salad we ate. Christy and Everett came over for dinner and it was a great evening -- a great evening which I capped off with Ed over at Best Shots where I had a glass of Fresh Squeezed IPA and a shot of brandy on ice and, once again, enjoyed sitting in the room that was once the Kopper Keg and has been transformed so fully that it's hardly recognizable as the beer bust venue of my youth.

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