Thursday, April 27, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 04/26/17: Transplant List Business, Dog Delay, Tuna Casserole Dinner

1. I secured the orders/referrals I need for x-ray, ultrasound, and cardiology tests and made an appointment for my TB skin test. Next up: check in with the insurance people and then make radiology and cardiology appointments.

2. As she got out of the car to go to work, the Deke asked me if I would contact Molly and ask her if we could bring dinner over to their place and pick up Maggie and Charly at that time. Molly agreed and it turns out the delay was a superb idea because the dogs might have gone ballistic with all the noise outside the door of our apartment home as workers blasted out the old linoleum in preparation to install new flooring.

3. I decided I wanted a casserole for dinner. I went back to a recipe I first made back in February: tuna casserole without canned soup. Because it's a mild recipe -- both the Deke and Hiram jazzed theirs up with Frank's RedHot --, I thought Olivia, David, and Ana might go for it.

They didn't! Ha!

In the last several months, I've only succeeded once in cooking food they would eat when I took over fried chicken. Oh, well. I didn't have my hopes up at all and any disappointment I might have felt was overshadowed by how much Molly loved the casserole.  By the way, the recipe, found here, calls for a topping of crackers, preferably in the style of Ritz crackers, but I used the overbaked and dry cornbread I fixed Tuesday night for the topping and it worked perfectly.

Making this recipe also gave me a legit reason to go to Target and buy two new Pyrex baking pans.

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