Sunday, April 2, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 04/01/17: Carol's Call About Mom, Zags Win, Splendid Leftovers

1.  It was an eventful day in Kellogg. I had a good conversation with Carol about it all. Earlier, Mom fell in the living room. She didn't fall hard. She used the emergency button she wears around her neck to call for help. Christy got the emergency call at work and called Everett who came over from next door and helped Mom get back up. The local emergency personnel arrived and checked her vitals and talked with her.  Carol and Paul also got the emergency call and came over to be with Mom. My sisters have concerns about how Mom is responding to a recent change in medication. They also want to double check with her doctor in Kellogg as to whether she should be on oxygen during the day as well as at night. On Monday, they'll be able to call and check these things out with Mom's doctors. I am starting to plan a trip to Kellogg in the near future, either soon this month or early in May.  Right now, my plans are uncertain.

2. The Deke and I went up to Old Line and had a couple of beers and talked about things. While there, the Deke's friend Martha strolled in with a friend and, for a while, the Deke joined them at their table and I watched a bit of the first half of the Gonzaga basketball game. Once home again, I kept a close eye on the score via I started getting nervous when I saw that the Zags surrendered a fourteen point lead in the second half.  But, the Zags fought off South Carolina's comeback and iced the game with late free throws and will be playing North Carolina for the NCAA men's basketball championship Monday night. I was asleep before the Oregon/North Carolina game was finished, but before the night was over I got up to drink some water and checked the score. I had sorely hoped for a Zags/Ducks final, a game where I would be very happy with either team winning, but, alas, the Ducks lost a heartbreaker.

3. The Deke ingeniously combined the potatoes I had fried for breakfast this morning with leftover vegetables from dinner last night and poured the leftover curry sauce on top of them and then mixed in our leftover rice and we had an easy and splendid dinner when we got home from Old Line. It was so simple and, for whatever reason, I never would have thought to do it.

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