Sunday, April 9, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 04/08/17: Mom's Pretty Good Day, Sibs at Best Shots, Inland Lounge Session

1. I thought Mom had a pretty good day today. It made me wonder if yesterday's outing was restorative. She nodded off less frequently and was more alert. She's had a card table up in the living room for quite a while and, today, she finished working with the papers on it and I got to take it down, giving the room much more space. I seared and roasted four or five chicken breasts and later made a chicken soup and, at about four o'clock, I boiled a ton of egg noodles and so we had chicken noodle stew/soup for dinner with a baguette and salad.

2. Carol, Christy, and I went to Best Shots this afternoon and told each other what we think about Mom's condition at present.  We did our best to get a sense of what the summer looks like for each of us. Even though summer is almost here, Carol and I are both unsure about just how things will pan out in June and July. We had a really good time. Christy had just finished her shift at work and had some good stories to tell about her work and the people she talked with who patronize the library. The library is a life saver for any number of Kellogg people, youth and adults, and Christy is making a vital contribution to the library's mission.

3. After dinner, I joined Byrdman at the plank at the Inland Lounge and we were the beneficiaries of proprietor Bob Casady's fine barmanship and great company. The former owner of Eddie Joe's, another distinguished Kellogg watering hole, local raconteur, Eddie Miller (Lite) was seated at the bar and Byrdman, Eddie, and I got into some first-rate conversation and Eddie told some great stories. Soon, Eddie's ninety-something year old pop sashayed in, as did one of the kids from the neighborhood, Patrick Kenyon. It was a great evening, but as the time crept toward nine o'clock, I drove back to Mom's, figuring she'd be just about ready to go to bed. I was right and I helped her get situated, bringing a full day of cooking, drinks with my sisters, dinner, and a fun session at the Inland Lounge to an end.

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