Saturday, April 15, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 04/14/17: Greedy for Sleep, Everything is Back on the Table, Meeting Eduardo and Adriana

1. After flying across the USA, I arrived home greedy for sleep and didn't emerge from the sack this morning until 10 o'clock. A half an hour later, I called Mom to let her know I had arrived home safe and sound.

2. While I was in Kellogg, the Deke decided to resign her position as a teacher at the French Immersion school and probably not pursue another full time job. This puts us on familiar ground: we don't know what's next and everything is on the table. Tonight, at Old Line, we started piling ideas about our future on the table (well, the bar) and started to imagine just what might be next in in our life together.

3.  After eating some mussels and calamari, the Deke and I jetted over to the Diaz house where Hiram's brother, Eduardo, and his wife, Adriana, are spending the weekend. I hadn't met Eduardo and Adriana before and it was fun to get acquainted -- and, later, to exercise the freedom I always have at the Diaz house to sack out for a while.

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