Saturday, April 29, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 04/28/17: Thinking and Writing, Beers with the Franklins Regulars, Noshing Away

1. I spent a couple of hours thinking and writing about my history with The Glass Menagerie, working to account for the way the production the Deke and I saw on April 19th moved me so strongly. I think this blog post is going to take a while to complete and I don't know if it will ever be coherent, but I'm sure enjoying thinking back on the over forty years the play has been inside me.

2. A bunch of people from College Park, Hyattsville, Greenbelt, Berwyn Heights (I think) and elsewhere around this part of Maryland meet every Friday afternoon at Franklins Restaurant, Brewery, and General Store in Hyattsville. The Deke and I got to talking to three of the Franklins Regulars on Feb. 28th at Old Line and Jo and Jim and Sara invited us to their Friday late afternoon table. After several weeks of hosting visitors and of travel to Yorktown, Kellogg (me), and Nyack/New York City, when we couldn't join in, today the Deke and I had a couple of beers -- I really enjoyed my two half pints of Ridiculous, a sour red ale -- and a ton of lively conversation with the Franklins Regulars.

3.  Back at our apartment home, the Deke and I didn't want a full meal, so we noshed away on ciabatta bread, Shropshire blue cheese, kalamata olives, dry Italian salami, and Carr's table water crackers. It was a perfect cap to fun late afternoon and helped the Deke further relax after a demanding week of work.

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