Saturday, April 1, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 03/31/17: Maggie the Trooper, The Ongoing Curry Project, My Life Wrote to Me Today

1.  First thing this morning, I zipped Maggie down to the vet for her six month comprehensive exam. The check-in desk was crowded and Maggie gets very nervous and barky around other dogs. Luckily, there is plenty of room, so I backed Maggie away and she stayed quiet and as relaxed as she can be. I picked her up again around 4 o'clock and the vet had no problems to report. On the summary, I would have written something very clinical like "Maggie is a trooper".

2. For the first time in a week, I cooked dinner in our apartment home. Today I resumed my ongoing effort to get the balance between Thai curry paste and coconut milk right so that we feel the heat, but aren't overwhelmed by it. To my surprise, I discovered I only had one can of coconut cream left in the cupboard so I very carefully measured out just a half tablespoon of paste, figuring we could increase the heat, but with only one can of coconut cream, we would not be able to decrease it. The half tablespoon with some fish sauce and brown sugar worked perfectly. I fixed crispy tofu cubes, chopped onion, red pepper, and eggplant and we ate red curry over basmati rice. It was fun to cook again and we enjoyed our dinner in.

3.  Today emails and messages and Facebook comments and even a picture of Whitworth's baseball team from around 1975 came flying into my life. It was a remarkable day. I had contact with friends from many different points of my life -- from boyhood and adolescent days in Kellogg, my student days at Whitworth, my teaching days at Whitworth, and my many years living in Eugene. In the best way possible, much of my life flashed before my eyes today -- oh, a few regrets were in the mix -- but not a single one of those regrets involved any of these longtime friends, only love and respect and happiness.

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