Monday, April 3, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 04/02/17: Taxes, Beer, Popcorn and Trip Out West

1.  I am always relieved just to have our taxes done, whatever the verdict. This year, we had overpaid a bit, so we will get a refund, but, for me, the best news is that our tax preparer and I had an easy time getting the forms filled out and submitted.

2. The Deke and I love going to DC Brau on Sunday afternoons and I packed up some cheese and crackers and we buzzed down to the northeast edge of our nation's capital and enjoyed some On the Wings of Armageddon and had a good time shooting the breeze with Mike and Leah.  It was a good session.

3. Back home, we decided it was a good night for popcorn and several times the Deke asked me what I did this time to make the popcorn taste so good. I couldn't really say, but I was very happy that it turned out so well.

While eating popcorn, I also bought a round trip flight to Spokane and back so I can spend some time with Mom and my sisters in Kellogg.  I will arrive on Tuesday the 4th and fly back to Baltimore on Thursday the 13th.  It's a short trip, but comes at a good time.

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