Sunday, April 30, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 04/29/17: My Post on *The Glass Menagerie*, Clean Oven, Ana at the Bistro

1.  The Deke and Molly went out for lunch and I settled back into writing a blog post about my experience seeing The Glass Menagerie on April 19th at the Belasco Theater in NYC. Seeing the play and writing this post transported me back over thirty-five years to some of my favorite and happiest days of graduate school at the Univ. of Oregon and teaching at Whitworth, while also transporting me back to some of my darkest days as I suffered the confusion and heartbreak of divorce.  All of that and more made seeing The Glass Menagerie a deeply moving and satisfying experience as you can read, here.

2.  I cleaned the oven. I wrapped up the wet dish towel I used to remove the Easy-Off in the newspapers I used to cover the kitchen floor and took them up to the rubbish room in our apartment building.

3. The Deke called me to say she and Molly and Ana were going to Old Line and so I met them and we had a fun dinner. It's not easy for Ana at just shy of two years old to sit in a booth at a bistro, but she was very good and enjoyed watching Curious George on Molly's smartphone while eating a little cheese pizza. She also liked entertaining us with her physical vigor, her ever expanding vocabulary, and the increasing sophistication of her syntax. In time, Ana reached her limit of tolerance for being in an adult joint, so Molly and Ana went home and the Deke and I missed them as we made our way to the bar and returned to some discussion of what our lives might look like this summer.

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