Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 04/04/17: Flying with Podcasts, Free Drinks!, Back in Kellogg

1. It was a long day of travel and, as I always do when I fly across the country, I listened to a series of podcasts and doing so made both flights, Baltimore to Denver and Denver to Spokane feel short. I got got caught up on episodes of The Big Listen, enjoyed three episodes of Special Sauce, learned about the origins of chili powder on an episode of Gravy,  deeply appreciated a great episode on the early 20th century mine wars in West Virginia on Inside Appalachia, and went back to Burnt Toast and listened again to Calvin Trillin read his famous essay, "Spaghetti Carbonara Day", his wry and witty argument to start a new tradition by replacing the Thanksgiving turkey with spaghetti carbonara.  I learned about a podcast today that I plan to listen to a more. It's, of all things, an art history podcast, The Lonely Palette.

2. I redeemed my free drink coupon on the flight to Denver with ginger bourbon and liked it so much that I redeemed my Denver to Spokane coupon by ordering the same drink, but the flight attendant forgot the ginger ale, so I enjoyed a bourbon and bourbon over ice. That worked.

3.  The flight to Spokane was delayed a bit and we arrived about twenty minutes late and then our baggage was slow coming out. Christy patiently waited for me and we had a great drive to Kellogg and I arrived at Mom's about 1:30 a.m. PST, kind of wound up, but eventually I calmed down and fell into a deep sleep.

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