Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 04/11/17: Mom's Sleepy Day, Everything Dinner, *Chopped* and *The Chew*

1. Mom slept much of the day. In fact, Mom rarely goes back to bed, but this afternoon she returned to her bedroom and slept on her bed for a while. Today was the only day since I arrived that she didn't eat lunch. Heather, the cardiology nurse, called back and reported that the doctor is concerned about Mom's fast heart rate and would like to administer a medicine to help slow it down, but, before doing so, he needs Mom to have some blood work done to make sure her kidney function is good enough to take this pill. Mom and I will head down to have the blood work done on April 12th.

2. I decided to cook and warm up all kinds of food for dinner in order to make good use of odds and ends around the house -- I fried the last two potatoes, cooked the last of the asparagus, warmed up the leftover macaroni and cheese, fixed a green salad, and anchored dinner around pork chops and a pork steak with a choice of applesauce or cranberries.

3.  It's fun going over to Christy and Everett's to watch Chopped and tonight we watched another installation of Chopped: Star Power. It was a fun episode. The four contestants were actors, very gracious actors I might add, and each one was creative and really good in the kitchen. Earlier in the day, I watched the last half hour of The Chew. The show focused on pasta dishes and I must be sure to post Michael Symon's "Midnight Pasta" recipe, a very flexible dish he used to cook with stuff he had around his flat late at night/early in the morning after a day-night of 9 dollar an hour line cook work and few cocktails with his fellow workers. I loved that as he presented this recipe, Michael Symon took several minutes to discuss the virtues of anchovies and the different kinds of anchovies we might find at the store. The recipe is here.

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