Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 04/17/17: Mom's Easter and Today's Lunch, Old Line Relaxation, Casseroles on *The Chew*

1. I called Mom this morning and she told me how much she enjoyed Easter Day with Carol and Paul. I knew from communicating with Carol that Mom was off kilter over the weekend, but I could tell from talking to Mom that the Easter dinner meant the world to her -- she loved the ham Carol prepared -- as did the tour she made of her yard in her wheelchair, with Paul's help. She was also excited that two of her longtime friends, Flo and Dorothy, were going to come to her house and bring lunch on Monday.  Mom is always at her best when friends or family are with her or when she can leave the house for an outing -- like when we went to Marguerite Gallaher's funeral, when we went to the Easter Cantata, and, on Sunday, when she toured her yard.

2.  After running a couple of late afternoon errands, I went to Old Line to relax a bit. I decided to see if a couple of Green Hat gins might help settle my nerves and it was a good decision. I enjoyed a hamburger and a dinner salad and tried out and enjoyed a small snifter of Firestone Walker's new Double IPA, Leo Vs Ursus Fortem. (I have no idea what that name means!)

3. I don't often have trouble getting to sleep, but tonight was an exception and I helped myself settle down, first, by doing an online acrostic puzzle and then watching an episode of The Chew that focused on casseroles. It turns out that watching Mario Batali make a chili rellenos casserole Michael Symon make a Brussel sprout/noodle casserole stimulated me more than relaxed me, but, finally, I suppressed the urge to make a midnight run to Safeway to buy ingredients and bake a midnight casserole and eventually fell asleep.

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