Thursday, May 4, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 05/03/17: Mom to Rehab, My Cardiology Appointment, Hung Phat and Green Curry

1. Christy called me this afternoon while she and Carol and Mom and the Loving Care person were discussing Mom's immediate future and the medical attention and care she needs. I agreed with my sisters that the best approach is for Mom to be admitted to Kindred Nursing Home and Rehabilitation across the street for what we hope is a short stay focused on rehabilitation, on building her physical strength through physical therapy. I talked to Mom on the phone this evening about this decision and, at the very least, she put up a brave front with me and is on board with this move. For a variety of reasons, the home care option can't work at this point.

2. This morning I braved the stacked traffic and delays on the Beltway because of a crash and road work and paid a visit to cardiologist Dr. Herman Segal in downtown Silver Spring.  After his nurse administered an EKG, Dr. Segal and I had an excellent talk about my medical history and he examined me and listened to my heart and lungs. All indications are that my heart is in good shape. The EKG uncovered no problems. I will return to the Silver Spring office on May 15th for a stress echo test and it looks like that will be the last thing I need to do to stay on the transplant list. I got the results of both my chest x-ray and kidney ultrasound today and neither recommended any further testing.

I also heard from the Nurse Coordinator assigned to my case and she will present my case to remain listed to the committee on Friday. The only number that is either not better or the same as when I was listed two years ago? I've gained about eight pounds. Not one of the medical professional expressed concern about this, but I'd like to get shed some pounds.

3.  I left Dr. Segal's office and headed over to Whole Foods, just for the heck of it. I went to the sandwich bar and, after eating half of my sandwich and packing up the other half, I did some shopping. It was a little bit like being back at Market of Choice in Eugene again and I enjoyed that, but nothing about Whole Foods made me wish I lived nearer to one. In fact, I far prefer the Co-op and MOM's for my day to day grocery shopping.

We were out of coconut milk and green curry paste and I wanted to buy some other things related to my attempts at Asian cooking, so I drove north to Wheaton and had a great time shopping at Hung Phat, my favorite Asian market -- maybe my favorite store of any kind.  When I returned to our apartment home, I got to work stir frying vegetables, roasting peanuts, and making a green curry sauce. Later, I boiled some wide rice noodles and I'm very happy to report that the ratio of one teaspoon of paste to one can of coconut milk and the addition of a tablespoon each of fish sauce and sugar seems to result in a curry sauce of moderate heat and great taste. I've been working for a long time to get this ratio right for me and the Deke and I might have finally nailed it.

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