Friday, May 5, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 05/04/17: Mom at Kindred, Thank You to the Pros, Everything's on the Table

1. Christy took Mom over to the nursing home and helped get her admitted and into her room. Christy reports that the staff were good to work with. Mom knows some people who are residing at Kindred. I hope she will get out of her room and visit with other residents. I know she's been chatty with the nurses and I know she found out that her speech therapist comes from right here in Greenbelt, MD where his dad worked for NASA at the Goddard Center.  I'm hope she has a good Friday as she gets settled in a bit more.

2. It took Maria at the Johns Hopkins clinic in Fulton about two seconds to check my TB skin test and tell me that I don't have tuberculosis. Even though our meeting was brief, Maria made a very positive impression on me and, later in the day, when she called me to say that neither of the fax numbers worked -- I gave her these numbers so she could send the test results to Baltimore -- I was doubly impressed with Maria's conscientiousness and her determination to help make sure that the result got reported and the process of keeping me listed keeps moving apace. I have had a very good week with kind and solicitous medical professionals and it's actually made having to get these tests done a pleasure.

3. That table that has everything on it -- the one where the Deke and I lay out possibilities for our future -- you know the one I'm talking about, right? Well, it's got some radical possibilities on it, placed on the table at Old Line tonight where we went late this afternoon so the Deke could wind down from another difficult day at work and we could talk about our future, with special attention on the recent developments in Kellogg and Mom's serious and complicated health problems. We keep what's on the table to ourselves, but we do tell friends and family what decision we've made when we make one.  I can't tell just yet if we are close to a decision or how many more possibilities we might still pile on the table.

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