Friday, May 19, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 05/18/17: Mom in CdA, Tam Cut My Hair, Enjoying Natty Boh-Tinis

1. Mom needed her toe nails checked out and clipped and so Christy and Everett drove her to Coeur d'Alene to a podiatrist. Christy reports that the appointment went very well.  Mom, however, was confused about a lot of things when Christy and Everett arrived to transport her to CdA. She was also confused when she talked about different things at Applebee's and while riding in the car. Christy is looking forward to Friday, May 19th, her first day in a month with no appointments, for herself or Mom, and not having to work so she can spend time planting her garden.  I have posted pictures from Mom's day below.

2. I have had great fortune in Greenbelt with getting my hair cut. Until she had a baby and left the Hair Cuttery, I loved going to Angela for a haircut and now I see Tam. Tam is efficient and most pleasant to work with. Each time I come in, she remembers exactly how I want my hair to look and gives me a great cut.

3. Every so often, a group of employees from the county school district get together at Old Line and the Deke and I join in. Today's get together was lively. Stories about the disfunction of this school district flew around the table and people got a lot of discontent and alarming stories off their chests. Of course, I had nothing to add, but listened intently and added to my store of understanding of what has made the last three school years so difficult for the Deke. I also tried a different beverage: a Natty Boh-tini. It's a Baltimore beverage through and through and it's simple: a glass of Baltimore's National Bohemian beer served with Old Bay Seasoning around the glass's rim. It was a lot of fun and refreshing.

Pictures from May 18th featuring Mom and Everett having lunch at Applebee's and a bouquet of flowers that Christy picked from Mom's yard to brighten and freshen her room:

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