Saturday, May 13, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 05/12/17: Mom Update, Ana and the Dulcimer, Fried Chicken for David

1. My impression is that on Thursday on into Friday morning, Mom was pretty worn out from her doctor's visit to Post Falls and slept a lot and her temperature was elevated some. She was still tired Friday evening, but Christy and Carol report that she seems physically a bit stronger and not feverish. Christy and Carol wheeled her out of her room and they sat and visited in a sitting area for about a half an hour.  She will go to Christy's house for Mother's Day dinner. She requested ribs. Mom will be making several trips out of the facility this coming week when she sees her Primary Care Provider, her cardiologist, and visits a foot doctor in Cd'A for help with her toenails.

2.  Molly picked up the Deke and brought Ana and David over to our apartment home in the late afternoon. David stayed for a sleepover. While Ana was here, she and the Deke sang some tunes together and then the Deke let Ana strum on a dulcimer and soon Ana was singing and strumming in rhythm. It was kind of outrageous.

3. Knowing David would be eating dinner with us, I tried to remember back to when I was five years old and what I enjoyed eating and recalled what I've seen David enjoy.

Of course.

Fried chicken. Mashed potatoes and gravy. Corn.

I floured our last four chicken thighs and cooked them in hot oil in the cast iron skillet, making the outside, top and bottom, crisp. Then I turned the heat down and slow cooked the thighs until done. I also made the mashed potatoes and heated up a bag of frozen corn. With some instruction from the Deke, I made chicken gravy and it turned out smooth and flavorful, not bad for my first real try at making gravy. In the past, I've always, well, chickened out and turned the making of the gravy over to the Deke -- or, in Kellogg, to Mom. But not tonight! I put on my big boy apron and made the gravy and next time I have the chance, I'll make it again.

It turned out that David isn't crazy about potatoes just yet, but he loved the chicken and corn and an hour or so after dinner, I popped popcorn and the three of us had a fun popcorn party.

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