Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 05/23/17: Monthly Visit, Cooking Project Ahead, Beer Talk and Popcorn

1. Maybe it's just the satisfaction of staying on schedule, of doing what I'm supposed to do. Maybe it's because Melody who works the front desk is so friendly and full of life. For whatever reason, I again enjoyed my visit this morning to LabCorp to have my monthly blood draw and felt some sadness that if the time is coming for me to spend a long stretch of time in Kellogg, I will miss making my monthly visit to this office.

2. Adrienne and Jack are coming to Maryland Saturday for a three day visit at the Diazes and today I contacted Molly to start working out plans for evening meals while they are here. We have plans made for Saturday and Sunday and I am happy that I have a cooking project to look forward to. It's just what I want and need to keep myself doing constructive things when I'm so weighed down by concern for Mom and my sisters and as I work with the Deke to figure out what we will do once the school year ends.

3. The Deke and I had a good talk over a couple of slow pints of beer at Old Line after school. We were both a little bit giddy that Old Line had Union Brewing's Double Duckpin Imperial IPA on tap. It's one of our favorites and not often available. The Deke and I haven't (and in some ways, can't) settled on a firm plan yet for the upcoming months, but we might be inching closer to deciding what to do and facing the challenge of how to go about it.

As we left Old Line, I mentioned that I'd been hankering a bit for popcorn and we hadn't indulged in a popcorn dinner for quite a while, so the second we arrived back at our apartment home, I went straight to the kitchen and popped us a fun and tasty mountain of buttery popcorn.

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