Monday, May 29, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 05/28/17: Mexican Coleslaw Again, Strong Ale at Quench, "Numbers" on *Radiolab*

1. Like yesterday, I snapped right to it this morning and got underway with a food project. I made what the recipe,here, calls Mexican Coleslaw. I made this salad about a week or so ago. Today, instead of relying on a packaged coleslaw mix, I chopped a red cabbage myself, significant only because it was therapeutic, as was chopping the jalapeno peppers and red peppers and as was making the taco seasoning from scratch rather than using a store bought packet, following these instructions.

2.  Before going to the Diazes for another dinner with Molly's family and with Adrienne and Jack, the Deke and I enjoyed a beer at Quench and talked about the financial details that need attention as the Deke leaves her job. It was good to get these details out before us and I'd like to have some of this figured out before I go to Kellogg. It was rainy outside and I strolled into Quench a little damp and chilled, so I ordered a pint of beer from Scotland, an Innis and Gunn oak-aged strong ale, thinking its sweetness and over 7% ABV would warm me up a bit. It did.

3. Earlier in the day, I made a quick trip to Safeway and on the way and back listened to pieces of the latest episode of Radiolab entitled "Numbers", here. As I listened to these bits, I thought it might be fun later in the evening to listen to the entire episode with the Deke. So, when we returned to our apartment home, the Deke poured us each a slug of Maker's Mark and after I played this goofy episode of Jeeves and Wooster, we listened to "Numbers". I marveled at the variety of the episode and the number of mathematical ideas it explored along with a couple of fascinating biographical sketches.

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