Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 11/01/10: World Lit Crayons, Giants Win the Series, Molly is Amazing ;)

1.  My World Lit. students made pictorial representations of scenes from The Ramayana.  I don't have students do this often, but when they make their reading and understanding of a great piece of literature known with sketch paper, crayons, colored pencils, charcoal, and other media, the room is energetic, filled with conversation and laughter, and is a ton of fun.

2.  I never thought, in my adult life, I would write this sentence:  The San Francisco Giants won the World Series.  I came to love this team in a way similar to my revived love for the Boston Celtics.  The big difference is that the Giants don't have aging superstars, but they do have battery of  playersover thirty like Uribe, Reneria, Ross, Sanchez, Huff, Burrell, and others who I thought, as with the Celtics, gave this team a toughness, a grizzled character, and I liked that.  As with Rondo and the Celtics, though, the Giants have young pitchers who performed mightily.  I've waited since 1962, when I became a Giants fan, for a World Series victory.  A mean part of me is really happy it didn't happen during the Barry Bonds years.  This team was not defined in the least by a single celebrity player and I cannot imagine that this team would have experienced the kind of togetherness they did had Barry Bonds been around. 

3.  Molly took over the kitchen and prepared a superb meal of sirloin steak, baked potatoes, and brussel sprouts.  She prepared this meal after she cleaned the house.  She made her mother and stepfather very happy today.

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