Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 11/08/10: Student Happiness Success, Installation Success, Pork Tenderloin Success

1.  One of my students, I'll call her Stormy, wrote a brilliant paper on happiness and it was a pleasure to see her work out so many fine insights and make so many good moves in her work.

2.  First comes the buying of the stove and dishwasher and them comes the getting the machines here and the installation.  It's all completed and I enjoyed how happy the Deke was with having these new appliances in our kitchen.

3.  I had bought a pork tenderloin and decided to see if I could prepare it well.  Out came the electric frying pan and I seasoned the pork with thyme and pepper and salt and seared it before cooking it at a lower heat and it came out perfectly, as did the potatoes and onions that rest at its side.  This made me and the rest of the family very happy.

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