Sunday, November 21, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 11/20/10: Holiday Market Misery Relieved, Baby Central, Spicy Ginger Fish

1.  Russell and I went to Holiday Market and the indoor Farmers' Market to shoot pictures.  I do not enjoy the Holiday Market at all.  It's claustrophobic and noisy and the booths are jam packed with merchandise that makes my head ache.  Tons of people love it, though, and it was really fun to run into Patsy and then, with her help, go to Linda's booth and have a great talk about Outlaw Country and share some belly laughs.  All of my Holiday Market discomfort evaporated as Linda made me laugh my head off and, I'm happy to say, my angst and irritation was even further relieved when Russell and I stumbled upon the Blair Street Mugwumps, a supremely talented and entertaining local jug band.  Here's a picture, in sepia, I took of them:

2.  Melissa and Chris brought their baby, Helena, over and we had dinner.  Mary joined in, too.  With both Helena and Olivia in the house and with Adrienne's baby due to arrive soon, our place reverberated with baby admiration, baby noise, laughter at what babies do, stories about babies, baby hopes, baby dreams, baby forecasts, comparison of baby notes, and the general good baby cheer I'm learning more and more all the time that babies inspire in the adults in their lives. 

3.  I was very happy with the spicy ginger fish at Yi Shen this afternoon.  The more I roam the Yi Shen menu, the happier I am that Russell and I have lunch there nearly every Saturday.

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