Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 11/09/10: Nearly Buffalo Beer, Buffalo Wings, Fun Poker

1.  Russell and Anne invited me over to their place to watch the final table of the WSOP Main Event.  I volunteered to bring Buffalo Wings and Anne said that in Buffalo people often have pizza with wings so I thought, "Well, if this is a Buffalo night, I'll see if I can find some beer brewed in Buffalo."  I had to go to MOChoice while my oil was being changed.  No Buffalo beer.  Then I went to the Beer Stein.  No luck.  I decided then I'd go to Albertson's and get some Canadian beer.  Anne told me Molson was popular in Buffalo back in her grad school days.  At Albertson's, however, I found some beer brewed in Rochester, NY:  B.J. King's Wingwalker Lager, Amber, and Pale Ale.  I bought two bottles of each and hoped it would serve as a close enough to Buffalo beer for our get together.

2.  I had a lot of fun cooking up the chicken.  First, some boneless, unseasoned chicken for Olivia.  Second, some Buffalo Tenders for Molly.  Last, Buffalo Wings for Russell, Anne, and me.  I fried the wings very deliberately, wanting to make sure I cooked them all the way through and this deliberateness slowed me down, made me a little late for our evening together, but it was worth it:  Russell and Anne praised the Buffalo Wings.  It was the first time I fixed Wings for anyone outside our family.  And they worked.  It was very gratifying. 

3.  My evening with Anne and Russell was bigger than the Buffalo Wings and beer I brought over.  We had a fun time watching the poker, sweating out some of the more dramatic hands, and feeling collective bafflement at the play of Joseph Cheong as he plummeted, when three player's remained, from chip leader to out of the tournament.  What possessed him to get so unnecessarily aggressive, we wondered.

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