Saturday, November 6, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 11/05/10: Lawn Fed, Camera Safari, Hammerhead Reverie

1.   I drove over to Down to Earth, bought way too much lawn fertilizer.  That's all right.  I'll just have enough to fertilize our lawn until the year 2030.  But I did fertilize after raking, mowing, and raking again and I hope I got something like the right amount applied.  I don't think I hurt anything.

2.  I went on camera safari:  I looked at the Nikon D5000 at Costco where it sells for a good price with a couple of lenses and I had to hold the Nikon D90 and fiddle with it a bit.  I did the same at Best Buy and then I went to Shutterbug and now I know more about their store does things -- I like it -- and I ended my safari, after a haircut, but going to Barnes and Noble and reading a couple of books on how to operate the D5000.  I'm in new territory, out of my league, over my head, out of my depth, etc. etc., and I'm having fun learning and one day, before 2011, I will make a purchase of some kind.

3.  I went to High Street and to sit and think and drink some Hammerhead Ale at the bar.  Don came in and broke my preoccupied spell and when he found out I'd been on a camera safari, he told me about a love letter David Pogue wrote in the NY Times about the Canon S95.  More to think about, more to check out.  By the way, I sometimes drink USA Corporate Beer to transport me back to the 70s and 80s and to remember Silver Valley drunks and Whitworth drunks, especially at the poker table and at the Viking Tavern, but if I want to remember the good times and good company I've had over beer in the last nearly fifteen years, it's Hammerhead.  Last night I drank those Hammerheads and when I wasn't thinking about cameras I remembered Wednesday nights after teaching Shakespeare, getting off the bus at SELCO, walking up to High Street, having some french fries and Hammerhead Ale, talking with Dan, and listening to the great music Dan played on the bar's sound system.  One night it was The Who, Live at Leeds and Dan stood still and listened while I enthused about it, already high on Shakespeare;  tonight, I kept my enthusiasms to myself, but when "Eminence Front" and later, "Let it Rain" came on, I was pretty wound up inside of myself, and more memories came rushing in.   There's nothing like Hammerhead + The Who + Eric Clapton + plus memories of those songs + memories of Hammerhead.   Nothing.

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