Saturday, November 20, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 11/19/10: More Jimmie Dale, Bible Talk at Coffee, A Better Understanding

1.  MB and I enjoyed a short Jimmie Dale Gilmore concert in our respective offices via YouTube and Jeff joined in to talk about the Flatlanders and the concerts MB attended. 

2.  MB, Jeff, Michael and I got together for coffee after an hour long meeting at school and I was a little surprised by how deeply positive I am that I think The Bible as Literature would be a wonderful course to offer at LCC and how even more deeply positive I am that I would never want to teach it.  I am deeply dismayed by the politics that surround the Bible, deeply dismayed by Christians and non-Christians alike who have made the Bible a battleground, a battleground that impedes open inquiry into the multiple ways the Bible can be read, studied, understood, and discussed.  I'm not interested in entering that battle in a college classroom. 

3.  During our conference, one of my quieter and underperforming students opened up to me about the family conflicts she's in the middle of and writing about in her essay about happiness, and suddenly I understood why my WR 121 course is probably not one of her chief concerns and how her reserved manner and sketchy schoolwork have succeeded in disguising her intelligence and sensitivity. 

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