Thursday, November 25, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 11/24/10: Conversations, Pondering, Rocky's

1.  It's funny.  The day before Thanksgiving is the worst attended day in the school year and many would say the academic year's least productive day.  But, there's an upside:  talking to individual students.  Today I had at least a half a dozen really good talks with students and it was largely because so few other students were around.  I enjoyed these conversations an awful lot.

2.  Molly and Olivia and I will be enjoying Thanksgiving dinner together and Molly gave me a short list of a few more things we need for dinner.  After some enjoyable shopping (the spirit in the store was wonderful), I went to the High Street Brewery and Cafe for two pints of pondering, also known as Hammerhead Ale.  It was quiet.  I pondered the good fortune in my life, especially the many great people I know.  My pondering mood was sweetened even further when the mix taped playing over the sound system suddenly played the Grateful Dead's "Tennessee Jed".  The quiet. The Hammerhead. My pondering.  The Grateful Dead.  Bliss.

3.  Rocky's chicken with apple sausage fried with onion and red bell pepper and served over basmati rice:  a great dinner. 

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